Monday, February 24, 2020

Change Model to Expand the Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Change Model to Expand the Business - Essay Example This paper illustrates that in business expansion, the change process plays an essential role to evaluate present performances and future possibilities. Apart from this, planning plays a very valuable role during the change process. An appropriate change model is required to be implemented with the intention of ensuring that the expansion process is conducted successfully. Subsequently, the success of the change model is dependent on various factors that include communication of the urgency of change, type of change needed and effective communication of change plan. In this context, planning and implementation process are required to be managed successfully in order to enhance probability margin of success. In the present scenario, globalization and advanced technology are the prime factors accountable for business expansion in different overseas market segments. The organization in order to enter the Chinese market segments and conduct business operations successfully is required to ensure that business operations are performed in accordance with the preferences as well as the behavior of customers. The market segments of China are developing rapidly with consumers mostly preferring for local branded products and/or services. In this context, the Chinese consumers are identified to have minimum needs or preferences for foreign products and/or services. Thus, it can be evidently asserted that in order to establish a business relation in a Chinese market, the organization is required to adopt effective change model to ensure that business operations are conducted on the basis of market demands.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

A Woman in Berlin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

A Woman in Berlin - Essay Example This indicates the urge for self-preservation in a human being to the extent of availing such grim unworthy options. But the Russians had no educated Officer class to take appropriate decisions and exercise proper control over their men. Most of the officers were peasants as also the troops he commanded, but under the protection of the higher-ups in the army, she got better facilities, and then secured a typewriter through a friend to produce a fair copy of her jottings. Ultimately, she settled in America. (B.)The living conditions of the German people were absolutely horrid. They mostly occupied the basements of the bombed buildings and had no proper ration and clothing. Living in a war situation presents innumerable difficulties for the party that has lost in the war. Firstly, it is most humiliating to live as a loser. Secondly, what would be the next step of the army personnel, under whose mercy they have to spend time, is another serious problem. Many of the survivors shifted fro m one basement to another. In normal circumstances such pathetic living conditions are unthinkable. (C)In the present case, the residents have mostly supported each other, and for rejecting such advances there should be very strong reasons, such as conflict amongst different nationalities. (D)Human memory is very short, and one cannot say that the sufferings undergone by a particular generation of any country will be remembered by them for all time to come. But what happened is part of the history that cannot be obliterated by anyone. The coming generations, as students of history or the citizens of the country will continue to evaluate the facts. The politicians and the administrators of the country are not likely to commit the same mistakes that caused immense harm to the economy and damage to the psyche of the people. 2. (A) The men of the German force, were suddenly thrown into humiliating circumstances. They had lost everything, their prestige, rank, property and in many cases their family members were dead or missing. The end of war was a great relief, and they were confronted with a new set of economic problems. Many of them had lost their thinking power and were in a state bordering insanity. (B). The perspectives in which stories relating to their experiences were told differed in details but not in substance much. German soldiers talked about their bravery at the fronts. The author elucidates the issue thus: â€Å"And they loved to tell their stories which always involved exploits that showed them in a good light.†(149) I think that the German soldiers were not responsible for the plight in which they were put into. When they were asked to surrender by the higher authorities, they had no option but to surrender. They had no role in directing the politics of the state. Only the grave issue before them was to take care of their family and household. In that grim situation anyone would turn cynical. Many had to confront the situation of loss of l ife of their family members, rape of their wife and children by the Russian soldiers, total destruction of the property etc. In no way such soldiers were liable for condemnation for their so-called impotence. (C) After the ravaging World War II at the fronts where guns and